Ted Mazzella
Founder of RCASA (circa 1976) and First Commissioner/Retired

Hank Jaxel
Past President, 1997-2010; joined in 1980s;
Hank Jaxel Girls’ Softball Memorial Scholarship

Bill Demarest
Board Member/CIO, active member 2010-2020;
Hank Jaxel/Bill Demarest Girls’ Softball Memorial Scholarship

Allen B.
Active since 1992.
Officiated his first baseball game during the 2020 pandemic.

Bob C.
Past President (2015-2019); active since 1982;
Member of ‘Save RCASA’.

Patty B.
Former Board Member; active since 2010;
Member of ‘Save RCASA’.

Mike McG.
Active member 1995-2022.
(Vietnam Veteran)

Rich T.
District 18 TOC Liaison; active member from late 1990s to 2019.

John R.
Former Commissioner, UIC & Board Member; active since 2001.
Member of ‘Save RCASA’.

Ira R.
Former Board Member; active since 2004;
Credited with our Association’s name change to LHVUA in 2018.

Stuart R.
Former UIC; active since 2014;
Member of ‘Save RCASA’.
(Vietnam Veteran)

Honorable Mention

Bernadette “Bernie” C.
Former Board Member/Retired;
CFO, HJ/BD Girls’ Softball Memorial Scholarship Fund